Grab Your "Best Year Blueprint" Worksheets
Here's What You Get...
WORKSHEET BUNDLE 1: The Year in Review
These worksheets will give you perspective on previous 12 months and help you identify what has worked, what hasn't, and what to do moving forward. They will also help you determine your "best life number" so you know exactly how much money you want to be making from your business.
These worksheets force you to trim the fat and focus on a select BIG projects or outcomes you are committed to working towards in the coming year. While most other entrepreneurs are scattered and overwhelmed chasing a thousand tiny pebbles, you'll have zen-like clarity and focus to only do what matters most.
WORKSHEET BUNDLE 3: The 90-Day Sprint
Now that your upcoming yearly goals are clear, these worksheets will help you put into play immediate action steps that will move you closer to your bigger goals in as little as 14 days. These worksheets help you stay focused on the immediate 90 days with the understanding that these shorter "sprints" will eventually get you to your desired end result.
WORKSHEET BUNDLE 4: The Weekly Planner
The weekly planner is a great tool to use to make your weeks so much more productive. It will help you line up your big yearly goals, your 90-day sprint goals, and you can start doing today and this week to get you there. I personally never start my week without this Weekly Planner worksheet completed.