The Virtual Practice Blueprint™
The 3 “Practice-Saving” Steps To Cut Cancellations, Attract New Patients, and 
Build a Successful Virtual Health Practice…Within The Next 30 Days
The Virtual Practice Blueprint™
The 3 “Practice-Saving” Steps To Cut Cancellations, Attract New Patients, and 
Build a Successful Virtual Health Practice…Within The Next 30 Days
Here's What Some of Our Clients Are Doing
DISCLAIMER: These results are certainly not a reflection of what is possible for you. 
Your results are 100% your responsibility. 

$358,724.19/month in Hashimoto’s niche

Ryan Worked With Many of The Top "Gurus". 
Tried All The "Tactics". Did Seminars Across the Country. All Without Much Success...

Then, He Joined HBA and His Hashimoto's Coaching Program Took Off - Doing $65k in Month 1, $194k in Month 2, and more than $358,724.19 in Month 3 (February 2020)
"One tweak added $10,000 in sales!"
- Jason Maxwell
Stacey sells her clinic and does 
$8,576 in her first month online!
"I'm now earning $25,000 per week!"
- Dr. Brandy Lipscomb
"HBA is the best thing that has ever happened to me."
- Jenn Edden
Colin enrolls 10 clients in 3 days using our "secret" email campaign
$194,661.80 per month!
Hypnotherapist applies our strategy to a live seminar and brings in $13,100 in 
one evening!
10 new clients enrolled. 
$19,700 collected in ONE week.
Brandy goes from "burnout" 60+ hours 
in her clinic to $27,569 in her 
2nd month online!
One suggestion transformed his business...
"Do it, it is such a must!"
- Chelsea Thiede
"From day one I've felt nothing but supported"
- Stacia O'Block 
"This has allowed me to scale my business in ways that would not have been possible otherwise."
- Tijana Daly
100% win rate on enrollment calls 
with our help
New clients within 30 minutes!
$15k in new clients 
(it wasn't easy, but 100% worth it)
7 new clients after using our 
"holiday campaign" emails
Jay sells out his first LIVE 2-day intensive!
(Using our proven "conversational close" emails)
"RUN, don't walk, if you're looking to take part in this program. I highly recommend it!"
- Dan Go
"I feel so much more directed and purposeful now that I have a proven strategy."
- Jennifer Powter 
"This will be the BEST investment you make."
- Rudy Mawer
"You'll get everything you need to succeed."
- Jordanna Nativ
"I have so much more clarity now and have a blueprint along with the handful of steps to move my business forward!"
- Nick Holt
"I've been able to clarify my message and perfect client and I now have a really clear and detailed plan. This has been a game changer."
- Ericka Eller 
"It was way more than I was hoping. This program is just amazing. Step-by-step and very simple to follow."
- Dr. Daniel Chong
"Anybody in the health coaching space needs to attend this workshop. It will help you see your true worth and value in this world."
- Uzma Quader 
"Yuri's coaching can help you avoid the pitfalls that come with having an online business."
- Dr. BJ Hardick
"In the first couple of hours, I've learned things that will dramatically increase my revenue..."
- Jeff Salzenstein
The BIGGEST months in her business. 
11 new clients in 1.5 months.
"I've earned more this month than any other month in my nutrition coaching career."
"It's good that he makes you do the work through structured worksheets and frameworks..."
- Jennifer Van Barneveld
“This has given me a really good path and more direction. I'm also now crystal clear on who my ideal target market should be.”
- Dr. Doug Fryday 
"Yuri helps us get really clear on our vision, perfect client, and more! I highly recommend this workshop. It was money well spent."
- Julie Enstall
"After just one conversation with Yuri, I made a few tweaks to what I was doing and made more money than I had before!"
- Dr. Judy Seeger 
"I wish I had found this first!"
"This program has been mind-blowing. I've been able to go from nothing to blowing it out of the water!
- Dr. Jennifer Hernandez
"Yuri is hands-on. We all get 1-on-1 attention even though it's a group workshop. I can't recommend this highly enough."
- Amy Lewis 
"Yuri's at another level. I don't know if there's a better person to learn from."
- Dr. Isaac Jones
"Yuri's always been my go-to guy for marketing just because he's that good"
- Dave Ruel 
"HBA is light years ahead of anything else out there. You've got to join."
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